A cookie is a small text file which is sent to your computer or mobile device (referred to as a “device”) by websites that you visit. They are commonly used in order to make websites work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site.

Recent web browsers found on your device allow some control of cookies and privacy through browser settings. To find out more about what cookies have been set, how to manage and delete them, visit www.allaboutcookies.org.

A new European law requires to explain what cookies there are, explain what the cookies are doing and obtain their consent to store a cookie on their device. Each European member state is ratifying a directive to pass a similar law for their country. Consumer consent is required but may be interpreted differently per territory, to apply the two forms of consent:

  • Implied consent can be satisfied by simply leaving user’s default privacy settings as they are, while displaying a notice on how a website is collecting data. 
  • Explicit consent can be satisfied by proactive browser setting and opt-in / opt-out cookie functionalities that store your preference for your future visits to a site.

This is why we have a cookie bar and why we have the further information about the cookies used by Zetes websites, and that are required for them to operate fully.

Cookies used by www.zetes.com

The following Cookie categories are based on the classification presented in The International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) Cookie Guide.

  • Essential & Functional cookies (Categories 1 & 3) -  Drupal session cookie:

    We use these cookies to enable certain online functionality like:
    • store the browser language and session id, but we do not do persistent cookies (to store language, customize content, have secured pages, etc).
    • do not allow us to get any confidential or private information on a visitor to identify him personally, or does not pass any information to a third party.

      If you would prefer to disable essential and functional cookies, you can also choose to install an add-on to your browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Apple Safari
  • Category 2 - Analytics / Performance cookies - Google or Bing scripts:

    These cookies collect information about how visitors use our website, for instance which pages visitors go to most often, how long for and which links are followed. We can use this information to provide more content which is of interest and in order to:
    • Google or Bing scripts : measure standard analytics KPIs on web or search usage for a visitor (ex. page traffic, nbr of visitors, traffic sources, keywords typed, download, click, etc).
    • embedded Videos: hosted on www.zetes.com, and on YouTube. These external sites use cookies to collect video statistics and improve site experience.
    • can only provide limited snapshots of public information of a visitor and his IP address, so there is no private information that identifies specifically a visitor as the information is mostly aggregated.

      If you would like to opt out specifically of Analytics cookies, please click on the link: Opt out of Google Web Analytics
  • Category 4 - Targeting / Behavioural Advertising cookies:

    These cookies can be used to deliver adverts more relevant to you, and help arrange ad revenue share. Here is a link to find out more information: www.google.com/privacy_ads.html. We do not use any advertising cookies, but we do use web beacons in our campaigns and sites, in order to:
    • track the success of our marketing campaigns. This means that if you open an email or landing page from us, we can see which pages of our website you have visited and make sure that we send you emails on campaigns, product news and tradeshow/webinar events that are of interest.
      If you object to the use of web beacons, please click on opt-out in the Cookie bar at the bottom of the browser window. You can also choose to install an add-on to your browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Apple Safari

To contact us about the use of Cookies on this site, please email webmarketing[at]zetes[dot]com