A services-based model

Zetes continues its development by increasingly profiling itself as a service company. In addition to providing and implementing solutions, this model involves supporting customers over the long-term, to ensure that their data remains accessible and protected and the tools they use can be maintained.  More than ever, long-term trust is what characterizes Zetes' relationship with its customers.

Goods ID: constantly increasing performance

The division's performance continues to improve based on its six solutions strategy. A number of attractive contracts have been won and implemented in Transport and Logistics. These continue to be influenced by the expansion of e-commerce and multi-channel distribution, particularly in Britain and the Nordic countries. Attention remains focused on serialization and traceability as advanced tools in the fight against counterfeiting (also impacted by the rapid rise of e-commerce), whether in the pharmaceuticals, food or luxury goods sectors.

People ID: BOT contracts respond to customer expectations

Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) continues to demonstrate its pertinence, with sovereign states delegating the implementation of sophisticated technology projects to equip their citizens with the most advanced documents in terms of security and connectivity, to Zetes.  The group's business development activity is intense. In Africa, setting up national registers is a central issue. Alongside this, the Community of West African States is keen to introduce the ID card. Another agenda item for governments in this region is the authentication of persons insured under social security programmes. Elsewhere, several opportunities have been detected in Latin America.

Zetes is boosting its offering and has began the process of obtaining eIDAS certification, allowing it to issue certificates for authenticated identity documents such as e-passports and eID. Meanwhile, Zetes was placed on the Belgian list of trusted service providers in 2016 .

Panasonic takes an initial 50.95% in Zetes

At the end of 2016, Panasonic and Zetes reached agreement for the identification specialist to be acquired by the Japanese giant. After observing the market for a number of years, Panasonic has taken steps to integrate the Zetes offering into its own product range.  Zetes’ business model meets Panasonic's strategic objectives for the future. The group is keen to establish greater customer proximity and to propose high value-added services in the longer term. The acquisition will be completed once approval has been obtained from the competent anti-trust authorities, during the first half of 2017.