Interim business progress report

Brussels - 17 November 2016 -   For the third quarter this year, the Goods ID Division posted a good performance, with EBITDA up on Q3 2015. Sales to the postal services, transport and serialization sectors continue strong and Zetes expects them to remain so in Q4 on into 2017. The increasing portion of recurring revenues and sales of Zetes solutions reinforce management’s confidence in the prospects of the division.

In People ID, after a record first half EBITDA, secure documents production remained strong, with the various long-term concession agreements all contributing to the good quarterly performance. The major business development thrust continued in the EMEA zone, even if not generating significant sales during the quarter. Management expects the 2016 results for the division to be down slightly on 2015.

In summary, the Group confirms its determination to post in 2016 an operating performance similar to that of 2015.

Furthermore, pursuant to Article 35 of the bylaws, the Board intends to pay an interim dividend of € 0.80 in December 2016. This decision will be submitted for approval to the next Annual General Meeting of 31 May 2017 which will deduct the interim dividend from the dividend declared on the results of the financial year.

Financial Calendar

• Publication of annual results: 16 March 2017
• Publication of the 2016 annual report: 28 April 2017
• Annual general meeting: 31 May 2017

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Headquartered in Belgium, the Zetes group today employs more than 1100 people in 21 countries in the EMEA zone. Zetes sets out to achieve sustainable growth and profits. In 2015 its sales amounted to € 258.2 million. For further information: