Interim business statement


Brussels (Belgium), 30 October 2015

Interim business statement

Zetes’ business performance in the third quarter 2015 confirms the trends observed at the beginning of the year.  In Goods ID, third quarter sales, coming on top of strong growth in the first half, put the division on course for a record year. The logistics sector continues to represent the majority of sales, with postal services and transport as growth drivers. 

Most Zetes' solutions are today developed on the MCL mobility platform. We are seeing a significant growth in the numbers of users of this platform, which in turn increases the division's financial visibility (SaaS solutions). Zetes continues to invest in the 6 solutions, and particularly in the serialization one (ZetesAtlas). Demand is growing and, even if this solution generates today a relatively lower turnover than the others, it brings a lot of value added.

In People ID, the various Build and Operate contracts are contributing significantly to the division’s income. Performance in H2 2015 is expected to be significantly up on H2 2014, and in line with H1 2015. Commercial activity remains important, including establishing a permanent representation office in Togo, as a base for prospecting much of West Africa.

In summary, 2015 will be marked by stronger profitability, both for the Goods ID division, where the standardization of solutions is proving its effectiveness, and for the People ID division, where long-term contracts combine with shorter-term contracts. Zetes confirms its guidance for a second half of 2015 of the same order as in 2014. This performance, on top of the very strong growth in the first half of 2015, will enable Zetes to exceed significantly its best results to date. 

Publication of annual results: 17 March 2016
Publication of the 2015 annual report: 25 April 2016
Annual general meeting: 25 May 2016

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