Zetes Olympus


ZetesOlympus is the central component of the Zetes Collaborative Supply Chain suite. Acting as a unified Data Execution Event Platform (DEEP), it can be bridge information silos created by internal and external company IT systems. In this way product and event information can be captured at any time, for any given unique ID, charting its history at any time in a process: i.e. ‘when, where and with whom’. ZetesOlympus enables the various stakeholders in a supply chain to access, manage and control secured data and processes collaboratively in real-time with both an historic and a forward perspective.

Supply Chain Track & Trace: protecting brand image and regulatory compliance

Opportunities for Track and Trace are closely linked to serialization and data aggregation. They begin at packaging line management with ZetesAtlas. The major capability of ZetesOlympus is to ensure better traceability in the supply chain up to the point of consumption, while authenticating the product. All stakeholders have access to selected information. In most cases, the manufacturer is the initiator and greatest beneficiary, as any product quality issue or counterfeiting issue puts its brand image at risk. A data execution event platform allows it to track goods and interact with consumers using up-to-date identification technologies. Zetes acts, in this context, as a trusted third-party by securing the data and generating data access authorisations to the different players within the supply chain.