ZetesAthena - intelligent in-store management


ZetesAthena is a modular mobile store management solution for creating, storing and deploying in-store management applications. From goods receiving to inventory, from re-pricing to shelf replenishment and from access to either product or information to click & collect, data management is centralized and simplified, with no need for heavy financial investment.

Application management difficulties faced by multinationals

Increasingly savvy customers are using a growing number of channels to check product price and availability before purchasing. A trend known as ‘showrooming’ this creates three issues for the retailer. Firstly, brands need to offer multiple distribution channels. Secondly, they must have perfect visibility of stock levels, both in the branch consulted and others (in order to potentially redirect the customer to another store location). Thirdly, they need the ability to quickly revise product information. Avoiding lost sales caused by out-of-stock situations is a major challenge. This multiplication of distribution channels requires very precise management of inventory, incoming shipments and returns. Many brands suffer today due to a lack of processes adapted to this new reality. Here too, strong competition and the economic environment are pushing companies to find ways to reduce their investments.


The White Company is a specialised high street fashion and homeware retailer with stores located across the UK. They utilise the ZetesAthena In-Store Management solution for wall to wall stock auditing, to ensure assets can be accurately recorded. With a growing number of shops, having real-time visibility on stock in the different branches was crucial. Equipped with mobile terminals, store staff scan the items and the information is immediately available into the company’s ERP system.

 “As a growing retailer we required the latest stock management solution that would give us real-time visibility on our stock levels. ZetesAthena being a cloud-based solution, it fulfilled all our needs for seamless communication between our local stores and our central system”, says Colin Blake, Head of Loss Prevention at The White Company.