Goods ID

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Goods identification and people authentication are two sides of the same coin. In both cases, Zetes' mission is to connect the physical world with the digital world of IT systems to enable agility, visibility, traceability and authenticity. This niche expertise forms the basis of the Group's success.

Identification, authentication, digitization and traceability have become increasingly important in our societies. And with them, comes a need to secure the different aspects of our lives.

The proliferation of globalized trade, the digital explosion, and increased human connectivity are a reality and increasingly influencing our daily lives.  Commercial organizations and governments are therefore looking for ways to respond to and harness this demand through streamlined processes based upon accurate and real-time information  which enable good decision making. 

By connecting the physical and digital worlds, Zetes' Goods ID and People ID solutions enable our customers  to achieve these objectives, automating workflows and providing better visibility, via their IT systems, on the movement of goods and people.   

For this, Zetes employs various technologies, maintaining a constant technology watch for developments that can most effectively solve these real world challenges facing our customers. Zetes has itself pioneered the use of these technologies many times, investing significantly year after year in research and development. In parallel, it has built up solid expertise in its customers' processes, enabling us to advise on the most appropriate approach.

Most of our customers' investment decisions are taken in order to provide a better service to their own consumers and citizens. Indirectly, the customers of our customers are equal beneficiaries of the solutions Zetes develops.


Globalization of the supplier base, the internet as a global commerce platform, and the explosion of the logistic flows have made the supply chain more complex by greatly multiplying the number of different flows. Historically, products were predominantly consumed in close proximity to their place of production. Today, they travel around the world at great speed. Health risks are multiplied with the use of ever more complex ingredients which are introduced into the food chain. For this reason traceability, visibility and agility is a non-negotiable expectation of today’s consumer.

The collaborative supply chain: a unique differentiator

For our customers, the supply chain is becoming an increasingly significant source of competitive advantage. Therefore, Zetes has introduced the collaborative supply chain solution portfolio. This consists of a suite of standardised, configurable solutions which solve the challenges specific to each supply chain stakeholder, from manufacturer through to the consumer. These solutions allow companies to stay at the forefront of their customer demands and optimize  their performance, enabling them to have greater control and visibility of key supply chain processes and helping them comply with legislation on traceability and counterfeiting.

In a nutshell, the collaborative supply chain fulfils three essential requirements:

  • Visibility, enabling real-time information of events and flow of goods at any stage, anywhere.
  • Traceability, to trace the origins of a product and its components, to retrace its history and ensure authentication.
  • Agile execution, optimising the processes involved to enable a company to deliver the right products to the right place, in the right condition and on time.

These three critical aspects are intrinsically interconnected and, when dealt with properly, they allow companies to embrace today's challenges: globalization, omni-channel distribution, and regulatory compliance.

Four cornerstones for consistency and flexibility

Zetes focuses on enabling performance outcomes through best practice process execution. When advising our customers we take a four-step approach which promises them the best solutions and technology for their specific needs. These four pillars incorporate the true value added by the Zetes approach - our solution breadth, technology partnerships, vast expertise and passionate people collectively differentiate us. 

Business Process Analysis

Our customers' processes are the starting point for any project. Even if these processes are 80% similar from one company to another, allowing us to address them with standardized solutions, we recognise each customer also has its unique issues requiring a specific analysis and approach.

Process Execution solutions

These solutions reflect the business processes, translating an organisation’s process requirements into an effective IT solution which is fully integrated with central back office systems.

Technological integration

The right technology choice is paramount to ensuring the full benefit can be realized. From leading edge Internet of Things to mobile devices, and multi-modal to smart shelves there are a vast array of technology solutions available we can draw upon. This choice calls for careful analysis of the environment, our client's individual needs, and priorities in terms of expected gains.

System integration

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with any system chosen by the customer, whether transportation management systems (TMS), warehouse management systems (WMS), or enterprise management systems (ERP). Zetes’ solutions can also interface with, amongst others, business Intelligence tools (BI), route planning, and point of sale (POS) systems.