Security and peace of mind in managing data transfer

Zetes' solutions provide a link between the physical and digital worlds in critical environments where trust and security - achieved by the skills of its employees and long term relationships with its customers – are paramount. Zetes profiles itself as a long-term partner, with customers stealing a competitive advantage in terms of productivity, improved data quality and greater confidence in the safety of their data.

Innovation and evolution through collaboration

To create its innovative solutions, Zetes relies on collaboration between its teams and customers and on its international presence, which together give it unique experience. Combining its expertise in both Goods ID and People ID, Zetes is able to bring new solutions to the complex problems of business and government. The experience of Goods ID has enabled the People ID division to develop biographic and biometric data capture infrastructures in difficult environments, while today, the Goods ID Division offers security solutions for sensitive data derived directly from the expertise acquired over many years in People ID.

The co-operative model is gradually emerging in the goods identification world and likely to become a prerequisite in the future. Product identification by individual serial number (serialization) generates an exponential increase of data to create, maintain and enrich. This development is a veritable paradigm shift, leading Zetes to develop new concepts, including the collaborative supply chain. Based on data sharing and secure data storage, this provides increased visibility of the movement of goods and allows all players involved to maximize their investments. Zetes makes available functional solutions that are adapted for each business in the supply chain, manages the cloud-based data storage solution and acts as a trusted third party for all stakeholders. In all, this system offers the prospect of very high quality and productivity gains.

Aross its two divisions, Zetes takes a global approach. It is equally able to work on small segments of the overall traceability or authentication process, as it is to take in hand an entire project. The value for the customer lies in the permanent availability of proven solutions, ease of management and security of its data.

Different continents, distinct challenges

Zetes concentrates its efforts on Europe and Africa.

In Goods ID, Zetes still sees many growth opportunities in Europe related to regulatory constraints, growing traceability needs and a constant search for productivity gains. Its standardized approach enables it to expand into new markets.

Rich in raw materials and with a booming manufacturing sector, Africa is also fertile ground for the development of traceability. With rapidly growing and migrating populations, it is also eager to implement people authentication solutions.

Ensuring data security

Both large corporations and governments will consider contracting out the collection, management and safekeeping of confidential data only when they have absolute trust in their partner. Consequently, Zetes offers them all requisite guarantees for high security information management. It has specialized in setting up sites for producing and personalizing secure identity and travel documents and holds several certificates attesting to its expertise in the field, including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Both in Goods ID and People ID, security is present from one end of the supply chain to the other: from data capture, through centralization and storage, to retrieval and personalizing of a document.

Strategy levers

Group solutions

Solutions developed in-house are an essential component of the Zetes strategy, allowing a targeted, market-by-market approach and greater implementation flexibility.

Relationships of trust

Through attentiveness to the needs of business and working closely with its customers, Zetes becomes a preferred technology partner. This trust makes it possible to extend projects within one and the same organization, in different departments and with different solution types.

Enhancing of competences

Customer contact and service quality are essential elements of the Group's success. In this way our employees accumulate valuable experience which is translated into Zetes solutions by our teams, and acts as a catalyst for innovation.


Zetes, with its geographical and sectoral diversification and solid financial structure, is a stable partner for customers and prospects seeking to entrust multi-annual projects or concessions to a society that is here to stay.

Goods ID: the Collaborative Supply Chain, a winning strategy.

In 2015, the market confirmed its interest in the Group's ‘collaborative supply chain’ solutions, the cornerstones of a strategy launched in 2013. These solutions are Zetes’ response to the growing challenges faced by companies confronted with increasingly stringent requirements of traceability, trade globalization and e-commerce, providing a means to achieve standardization, consistency and cost rationalization.

Zetes' offering is uniquely positioned in the supply chain market and truly sets the Group apart from the pack.

Zetes' offering is uniquely positioned in the supply chain market and truly sets the Group apart from the pack. Its focus begins with the specific challenges of customers' sectors and not purely technology, which is just one of the many ways to achieve productivity goals, error reduction and similar objectives.

The trend towards serialization, which Zetes detected early, continues. This unit-level identification method is proving increasingly successful in a growing number of sectors. Not only luxury goods and pharmaceuticals, but chemicals and armaments companies are also confronted with the need, for obvious safety reasons, to organize the effective traceability of their products.

In e-commerce, the need to adapt to the rise of the Internet is noticeable among postal sector operators. In 2015 a number of contracts were signed with major brands, like An Post in Ireland, Post NL in the Netherlands, Swiss Post in Switzerland and BePost in Belgium.

People ID: a good mix of both contract models

Over the years, Zetes has built up a bank of concession or Build and Operate (BO) contracts. These contracts, concluded for 5 to 10 year terms, call for a significant investment by Zetes in development and infrastructure, but in return offer good visibility of future cash flows as revenue is collected for each secure document issued. This model spares customers the risk of technological and industrial choices and ensures that their citizens receive highly secure documents.

These projects require setting up local subsidiaries and the recruitment and training of local staff. Once these individuals have learned Zetes' business, they can be deployed for missions in other countries within the region.

For election-related projects, the sales model is ‘Build and Transfer’. Such projects require a specific budget to be released by the customer – a government or a supranational organization. The resulting solution, with hardware and software, is immediately transferred, on a 'turnkey' basis, to the customer. Following this, Zetes supports the customer with project management and maintenance services until project completion. 

Zetes remains attuned to new potential applications for its skills. In this way, certain developments are becoming widespread in the authentication market. One particular need on the African continent, is for citizen identification to support social insurance programmes, which are still largely absent or embryonic in many countries. Here biometric enrolment is a prerequisite to ensure the integrity of data files for social benefit recipients.

In People ID, sales cycles are very long, requiring significant investments in business development. Early in 2016, the company took part in several economic missions organized by the Belgian government in Burkina Faso, Liberia and Sierra Leone. West Africa is a priority geographic area for Zetes. In November 2015 the Group opened a sales office in Lomé, Togo, which will enable it to better understand the needs and expectations of governments in this region. In Togo, Zetes will also be able to strengthen its team with experienced and technically well-trained executives.

Zetes is counting on its excellent reputation, based on a growing number of successful references and its technical certifications, to increase its market share.