Message from the Executive Management

Winning trust as a result of perseverance

2015 was a 'reaping the harvest' year for Zetes.  The seeds of innovative business models, collectively sown by the People ID and Goods ID divisions for over 13 years first germinated and then grew, thanks to the expert care of our people. And today, these seeds are bearing fruit in the form of solutions that our customers are gratefully adopting.

The added value created for our clients is reflected in our financial results, which have increased in each of the past three years. At the same time, we continue to sow new seeds, investing in research and development for each division because the world is changing rapidly, new risks are emerging, and customer needs evolve.  Our market and customer proximity provides a unique observatory from which to quickly detect changes, measure their impact and develop the best technological solutions.

Every day, projects are implemented for both new and long-standing customers. Their satisfaction is a source of pleasure and their suggestions are helping us move towards ever more comprehensive and effective solutions. The integration of new functionalities is constantly enriching our solutions, from which they can immediately benefit.

Sharing and exchanging in a secure environment

Our turnkey solutions optimize data privacy and minimize the risk of forgery and fraud.

In Goods ID, the Collaborative Supply Chain builds bridges between our solutions. This concept allows companies from different sectors, from production to logistics and transportation, to share and exchange information on their products in a secure environment. With more and more products being identified by unit rather than generically, collaboration at this level is essential. This change is already under way in the pharmaceutical and luxury goods sectors, and rapidly penetrating other sectors. Zetes can - and wants - to play a role in this development and see different industries benefit from its competencies in data acquisition, transmission and safekeeping.

Protecting data is a long-term obsession for the People ID division. The projects implemented for governments all integrate a critical digital data security component. Our turnkey solutions, ranging from the collection of citizen biographic and biometric data to the issuance of travel and identity documents, optimize data privacy and minimise the risk of forgery and fraud. This competence and the quality of citizen services are the two main reasons why governments choose to entrust their secure documents to us. 

10 years of listing

In November 2005, Zetes made its stock exchange début.  This tenth anniversary is, for us, a chance to reflect and take stock of the route we have travelled. At a time when several companies have opted to leave the stock markets, we remain convinced that our approach has been a key vector of Zetes’ development.

The capital raised clearly ensured our growth and development. But the benefits of this IPO go far beyond "mere" financial capitalization. National and international reputation, a presence in Europe and Africa, credibility with private and institutional clients, positioning relative to the competition, attractiveness for recruiting talent: these are just some of the collateral benefits that Zetes can use advantageously in the future.  The regulatory framework, shareholder expectations and the sharp eyes of analysts have pushed us to increase the rigour and transparency of our management and corporate governance.

Adapting and diversifying

We are confident, knowing we can rely on exacting clients, competent teams and loyal shareholders to give the company the wherewithal to achieve its ambitions.

Our penchant for reinventing our business models and seizing new opportunities demonstrates an inate ability to adapt and diversify.  Despite all our successes, we remain humble and vigilant.  Indeed, the future remains for us to imagine and build.

But we are confident, knowing we can rely on exacting clients, competent teams and loyal shareholders to give the company the wherewithal to achieve its ambitions.

The year 2015 closes with an internally generated growth in sales, a 70% increase in operating income and a similar increase in net income. We remain confident for 2016, as the harvest we spoke of at the beginning of this section is not over. Therefore, backed by loyal shareholders and confident in our future, the Board will propose to increase dividends by 27% to 0.80 € per share at the forthcoming General Meeting.

Alain Wirtz
Chief Executive Officer

Pierre Lambert
Chief Financial Officer

Jean-François Jacques
Chairman of the Board