Serialization and e-commerce: the drivers of Goods ID

Developments in the supply chain sector are intensifying and Zetes is reaping the benefits.  These developments relate in particular to serialization, in the pharma and luxury goods sectors but also other industries like chemicals or armaments, as well as the rise of e-commerce (transport and logistics). When it comes to serialization, Zetes is one of few players with the right technological expertise and knowledge to meet the increased demand for traceability. In transportation and logistics, the Group signed several key agreements during the course of the year, with Post NL and An Post (Ireland) amongst others. The deployment of a solution for Swiss Post took place primarily in the first half of the year.


Innovation remains a particular point of attention, so as to be able to offer targeted, effective responses to market developments. Solutions involving very high technology are patented to protect the Group's know-how. Experienced, multidisciplinary teams are dedicated to R&D and to devising solutions.  Their inspiration comes from the consultants and salespersons who are in daily contact with clients and who share with them their current problems and tomorrow's challenges. 

People ID: a resilient model

People ID recorded very good performance of its long term contracts. Zetes has completed 9 B&O projects in all, the latest being the universal health insurance card in Côte d'Ivoire (CNAM). Social security coverage is as yet a relatively small but promising market.  The United Nations has repeatedly pointed to the key role of a universal health care system in the development of Africa. In Build & Transfer, operations for compiling the electoral register in Togo were completed at the beginning of the year.

10 years of listing

After celebrating its 30th birthday in 2014, Zetes celebrated 10 years of being listed on the stock exchange at the end of 2015. While this past decade on the Euronext market has not been plain sailing, this listing has been a key driving force in the company's development. The capital raised has ensured Zetes’ growth and development, while conferring other benefits like visibility, credibility with private and public clients, positioning relative to competitors, attractiveness as an employer seeking top talent and other benefits. After 10 years, Zetes can say that the move was positive, positioning it well to continue its growth.