Goods identification and people authentication are two sides of the same coin. In both cases, Zetes' mission is to connect the physical world with the digital world of IT systems. This two-pronged approach forms the basis of the Group's success.

Identification, authentication, digitization and traceability have become increasingly important in our societies. And with them, comes a need to secure the different aspects of our lives.

The proliferation of trade, the internet explosion, and increased human mobility are a reality and increasingly influencing our lives as well as making them more complex. Commercial organizations and governments are therefore looking for ways to streamline processes whilst obtaining the information they need to make good decisions.

By connecting the physical and digital worlds, Zetes' Goods ID and People ID solutions enable them to achieve these objectives, automating workflows and providing better visibility, via their IT systems, on the movement of goods and people.

For this, Zetes employs various technologies, maintaining a constant technology watch for developments that can most effectively solve the challenges facing its customers. Zetes has itself pioneered the use of these technologies many times, investing heavily over the years in research and development. In parallel, it has built up solid expertise in its customers' processes, enabling it to advise on the most appropriate optimization techniques.

By constantly establishing bridges between its divisions, Zetes has developed unique knowledge and expertise for each sector individually and also created convergences.

Most of our customers' investment decisions are taken in order to provide a better service to their own consumers and citizens. Ultimately, these stakeholders are equal beneficiaries of the solutions Zetes develops.