30 years In 2014, Zetes celebrated its 30th anniversary. It ends the year having made strong progress in both divisions. Solutions innovation is driving growth in Goods ID. Thanks to... Read more

Social responsibility

Zetes understands the importance of its human capital and takes good care of the well-being of employees. This produces a sense of belonging and strong commitment from staff. Equally attentive to... Read more

Message from Management

Message from the Executive Committee - 2014 Annual Report Our customers are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for our people "There are fair winds only for he who knows where he is... Read more

Our Strategy

Synergies and safety at the heart of value creation In a group, success is never individual.  For this reason Zetes has made effective collaboration, based on pooling the strengths of each... Read more

Report from the Board

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Shareholders, The Board of Directors is pleased to present you with its report for the 2014 financial year. The present report covers both statutory (parent company) and... Read more

Our Activities

Goods identification and people authentication are two sides of the same coin. In both cases, Zetes' mission is to connect the physical world with the digital world of IT systems. This two-pronged... Read more

Goods ID

GOODS ID  Globalization, the concentration of production and outsourcing, have made the supply chain more complex by greatly multiplying the number of different flows.  Historically,... Read more

People ID

People ID The authentication of persons and the production of identity documents have undergone great changes in recent decades, with the intensification of human displacement, including migration... Read more


Creating emulation to stay ahead of the pack Investing in R&D is essential for remaining a leader in one's market. With the most relevant innovations often born through collaboration of... Read more

Shareholders Information

TRANSPARENCY IS KEY TO MAINTAIN A RELATIONSHIP OF TRUST WITH OUR SHAREHOLDERS Clear communication on the Group's achievements and goals ought to enable investors to gain an accurate picture of its... Read more

Financial Overview

FINANCIAL INFORMATION AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Continue reading in the full version below: